Welcome to my blog!

Hey there! My name is Miss B, and I want to personally welcome you to my new blog about teaching science in the U.K.

Why 'Teaching Outside The Beaker'?

If you are constantly working on your creativity, you are constantly trying to think outside the box! Teaching Outside The Beaker, is just a play on this phrase. I want to be constantly trying to improve my teaching by thinking outside the box when it comes to teaching science.

What got you interested in teaching creatively?

I think that the most important aspect of being a science teacher is teaching creatively. It can be a really tough topic for students to understand, and because it is tough they tend to switch off. Therefore as teachers we should be constantly using our imagination to make learning science more effective. Our teaching techniques always adapting, so that learning science is also inclusive and enjoyable. Especially for the students who struggle and 'don't like science'.

The thing is.. it's easier said than done.

I 100% would love to be this teacher. All the time. But it can be so easy falling into the routine of I say, you do. Especially when you're facing external pressures and have a lot of content to teach in a short space of time.

What made you finally start your blog about it?

As a PGCE student, I had a lot of ideas about how my science classroom would be different to the one I experienced growing up. My teachers were great, but they did the bulk of the work, not me. They delivered the content needed for my exams and I sat and listened to it. I was adamant that it was not going to be me as a teacher. Until it was. The pressures of being a teacher got to me real quick. And I understood why my teachers taught me like they did.

Being away from school because of the pandemic, really gave me time to reflect on the teacher I had become. I realised that I didn't enjoy teaching the way I was, so I wasn't going to do it anymore. This blog is my way of holding myself accountable on my journey into being the best creative science teacher that I can be!

Why should you follow me on this journey?

I will be sharing ALL the useful tips and tricks that I find, from planning lessons to teacher wellbeing. So hopefully I will be able to help you too!

One final note...

Thank you for being here and I hope that my journey also inspires you to start Teaching Outside The Beaker! Please do leave a comment below if your enjoyed the post or if you have any questions for me!

Miss B x

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